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                                                 Warriors On The Fly is the vision that Rob Watson and Carlos De Jesus created while healing and building a friendship on the water.  Rob Watson is a husband, father and a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran who lives his life through creativity with art, photography, videography, and media design. Carlos De Jesus is a husband, father and United States Army Combat Veteran who enjoys art, photography and the whole fly fishing community. As Veterans who suffer from PTS & TBI, they realized the importance of putting a spotlight on the huge life impacts of the suffering and healing that is a reality for many Veterans who have made, and continue to make, a huge sacrifice for our country.  The healing and camaraderie they have discovered is something they felt had to be shared.  It's been said that "IT TAKES A WARRIOR TO HEAL A WARRIOR" and they hope they  can help others find their path to healing. Rob, Carlos and their families have personally lived the life changes that this project and being on the water have created. Providing mentorship and opportunities for Veterans suffering from PTS and TBI is their goal.  

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